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The LCOY will take place from Friday, 6th to Sunday, 8th of October 2023 at the LMU Munich at the Biomedical Center (BMC). The check-in starts on Friday at 14:00, the program ends on Sunday at 15:00.

The address is:
LMU Munich - Biomedical Center (BMC) Großhaderner Straße 9 82152 Planegg-Martinsried Germany
By public transport: From Munich Central Station ("Hauptbahnhof") via Sendlinger Tor (Subway lines U1/U2) with the subway U6 to Klinikum Großhadern or bus stop "LMU Martinsried" (Bus 266). Parking is limited and the university is well served by public transport.

No, the LCOY is free of charge. Information on financial support for travel to and from the LCOY can be found below.

Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp (+49 156 78364884), Instagram (@lcoygermany) or mail (teilnahme@lcoy.de).

Yes, but we recommend you to be present for the whole weekend.

Everyone who registers for the LCOY by 31th August participates automatically. Excluded are persons who are or were in the organizing team of the LCOY.

All names in the lottery pot will be entered into a draw to win: 1x 150-200: Patagonia voucher 2x 100: Annual subscription GEO/National Geographic (or 1x subscription + 1x train voucher)
10 x Festival surprise package

Yes, there is an English program throughout the conference. Therefore those who understand little or no German can fully take part in the LCOY. All points that are announced in the program in English will also take place in English.


There will be a wide range of parallel workshops, keynotes, simulation games, discussion panels and a social program with music, networking opportunities and games throughout the weekend. You can view the program here, it will be continuously updated.

No, you can just go to the program point you are interested in. However, as room capacity is limited, we can only let a limited amount of people into each room.

You will be provided with vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner during the conference. Plenty of water is also provided; we just ask you to bring reusable bottles to avoid unnecessary waste.

Please state your relevant allergies when signing up. We will then contact you if necessary.

We can provide you with free sleeping places. If you would like to take advantage of this, please indicate this in the registration form, we will be able to provide details soon. You can also search for and offer sleeping places via our bed exchange.
If you took advantage of our offer to sleep at a school, you can take a look at this map to find your school.

You can watch the stages live on site. You can also watch the livestream afterwards on Youtube.

Absolutely! Please enter this information in the registration form so that we can plan for it. If you have any questions, please contact us via WhatsApp, Instagram or email.

The BMC buildings are designed to be as accessible as possible. The buildings have elevators. The larger lecture halls have an induction hearing loop (EN 60118-4).

Yes: Please pay attention to our Awareness concept here State 2022. Please be punctual for all program items and use electronic devices only when requested to do so.

You can contact the LCOY team at any time. In addition to the permanently open info point, team members will also be available throughout the grounds. They are easily recognisable by their blue T-shirts.

Yes, there is a continuous workshop program in English. Please note that we can only offer the opening and closing in German.

Yes, gender-neutral restrooms will be provided.

Yes, there will be a quiet area.

Yes, you can bring your child to the conference. However, we cannot provide childcare and the program is only for participants aged 14 and over, so it may be easier for you to attend without a child. Please contact us if you would like to bring your child.

Unfortunately no, pets are not allowed on the LMU campus. Therefore, we cannot make an exception and your pet will unfortunately have to stay at home.

At this time, we anticipate that the conference will be able to take place without restrictions. If the Corona situation should worsen, we have developed appropriate concepts.

As soon as the exact situation is foreseeable, we will publish our hygiene concept.


The awareness concept is a concept developed by us for the conference, which stands against all forms of discrimination, violence and border violations. This is obligatory for everyone.

You can always speak to anyone with a blue LCOY shirt or the paramedics. You can also call our confidence hotline (+49 15678 183131). If you need someone to talk to, please contact our awareness team. They are always available at the conference.

The Awareness Team is a team of several people who will listen to you, care about your well-being, and help. Please do not hesitate to contact them with whatever concerns you may have. Your concern will be kept confidential.

The persons wear a rainbow-colored armband. To find them, the Infopoint or the confidentiality hotline +49 156 78 183131 will be happy to help you.

In any case you are welcome to contact the awareness team. If you are not feeling well, you feel uncomfortable, you are being discriminated against, your boundaries have been violated, you feel lost or you need someone to talk to or else.

If you observe something of concern or see others doing badly, it would be great if you let the Awareness Team know.

Concerns, Worries

General information

LCOY stands for Local Conference of Youth. This is the non-profit climate conference funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Our aim is to bring together young people from all social backgrounds, to provide them with knowledge about the climate and to facilitate exchange with high-profile guests from science, politics and business. LCOYs are worldwide offshoots of the Conference of Youth (COY), which always takes place before the UN climate negotiations.

For everyone between the ages of 14 and 30.

No, you do not need any prior knowledge.

We are always happy to receive support! We especially need helping hands on site. We will open a form for volunteers in May. If you have any questions or would like to join us beforehand, please contact us through our contact form.

We are a colorful group of young people from all over Germany and beyond. Our 70-strong team has a wide range of experience and skills to organise and run the conferences. Many of us have already worked energetically on the planning of the LCOYs 2019 to 2022 in the last few years or have participated as participants. We are legally supported by the BUNDjugend.

Climate protection can only succeed if everyone is heard and everyone contributes. That is why we offer young people from all parts of society a platform for networking and enable them to exchange ideas with each other as well as with scientists, companies, politicians, NGOs and other experts. Together we discuss the effects, possibilities, opportunities and risks of climate change and look for solutions for all. In addition, knowledge will be imparted in the program contributions so that everyone - whether climate professional or newcomer - can stand up for ambitious and socially just climate protection.

financial support

Yes! We have a certain contingent to reimburse your travel costs

to and from the LCOY 2023 (only for train or bus rides).

The application is simple! When filling in the application form,

answer the question: what are you expecting from the LCOY and

why would you or your community benefit from participating.

Within two weeks we will then let you know whether we will be

reimbursing your travel costs up to €103,80 after the LCOY.

We will contact you within two weeks after your registration.

Of course. Send us a message via Whatsapp (+49 156 78364884), Instagram (@lcoygermany) or email (teilnahme@lcoy.de) and answer the following question: "What do you expect from the LCOY and how can you and your surroundings take profit from your participation?"

Approximately 3-5 weeks after the conference itself.

Yes, financial support for travel to the LCOY from abroad is possible. However, we cannot support air travel and the limit for the refund stays at €51.90/each way

Unfortunately, no. We can only refund the travel costs if you were present at the LCOY.

We will refund your travel costs if you can prove that there is an important reason or medical report for not participating.

As soon as we approve your financial support you can buy the tickets. Please note our conditions for the refund. After the conference you will need to fill out the refund form. Only then will we send you the money within 3-5 weeks.

Please note that we can only refund costs that occur by traveling by train or bus. The limit for the refund is €51.90/each way which happens to be the price of our event ticket. This is a collaboration with Deutsche Bahn which allows you to buy cheap tickets for the conference. Early booking is recommended as there is a limited amount of tickets. In any case you can also consider the 49€-ticket, Flixtrain or long-distance bus.

signing up

You only need an email address and in case you are under 18, a consent form. You can also send us this afterwards; however, we cannot confirm your registration before then.

Here you will find our registration form. You will then receive an email with a verification link to confirm your registration. The catering will be completely vegan, please indicate relevant allergies/intolerances. you will find our registration form. You will then receive an email with a verification link to confirm your registration. The catering will be completely vegan, please indicate relevant

You can sign up until and including Thursday, 31 August, 23:59 CEST.

The minimum age is 14, but minors need a signed parental consent form. If you are under 16, you can only participate as part of a group or if you are accompanied by someone over 18.
You can participate up to and including 30, except for group leaders. .

If you are under 18, you will need a parental consent form . If you are under 16, you can only participate as part of a group or if you are accompanied by someone over 18.

We have prepared an application form that you can use to request school exemption exemption for Uni, training or work zu bekommen. If you would like to participate with your whole class or course, please make your teachers or lecturers aware of the possibility of group registration.

Yes, you are welcome to stay longer at the LCOY and visit other program points and the social program.

If you are signed up but cannot attend, e.g. due to illness, please cancel your registration. This is important for our planning. You will find a button at the bottom of every email from us for this purpose: "Unfortunately, I cannot participate".

Please travel as environmentally friendly as possible by train or

bus. We explicitly point out that traveling by plane is not wanted.

Unfortunately, we do not issue letters of invitation for visa



Yes, this is possible for groups of 6 or more people. The group leader fills out this document as well as this Excel-File with the data of the group members and send it all together to us (Whatsapp or Mail)

When registering as a group, a group of at least 6 people travels together to LCOY. Young people aged 14 and older are also allowed to participate in LCOY. If there are minors under 16 in the group, one (or more) accompanying person(s) over 18 must be present and assume the supervisory responsibility for all group members under 16. The exact steps to follow can be found

Feel free to contact me via Whatsapp (+49 156 78364884), Instagram (@lcoygermany) or mail (teilnahme@lcoy.de).

At the conference, the same rules apply to groups as to all other participants. In addition, the group leader is responsible for supervising minors in the group.