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LCOY stands for Local Conference of Youth. The national climate change conferences are offshoots of the COY (Global Conference of Youth). At LCOYs, young people come together to shape the future and develop ideas for a sustainable, greener world. Each LCOY takes its collected results to the COY.


The COP ( Conference of the Parties ), which has been held annually since 1995, is the official climate conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It was established in order to jointly combat climate change and its effects. By now, 197 contracting Parties, including the EU and Germany, have ratified the Convention. This created the basis for global climate protection under international law and took us one step further towards a sustainable economy. As an officially recognized youth Constituency to the UNFCCC, YOUNGO has been organizing an annual Conference of Youth (COY) since 2009 to complement the COPs. It serves as a place for young people to network, gain expertise and develop concrete proposals for the COP.


  1. Networking opportunities for young people: We create an opportunity to share ideas and perspectives and to network.
  2. Dialogue with decision-makers from politics, business and society: In discussions and roundtables, everyone can have a factual and informed exchange with representatives of a wide range of views. This open mindset helps us find the best ways to protect our climate.
  3. Knowledge transfer & opportunities for action: Solid knowledge is the basis for dealing with climate change in the right way. That's why we offer everyone the opportunity to expand their knowledge of climate change and learn about new approaches to solving the problem.


There is no single right way to achieve more climate protection. At LCOY Germany, views from all political spectrums are discussed.

Climate protection can only succeed if everyone contributes. That's why LCOY Germany offers young people from all parts of society a platform for networking and enables them to exchange ideas with each other as well as with scientists, companies, politicians, NGOs and other experts. Together, we discuss the effects, possibilities, opportunities and risks of climate change and seek solutions for all.

In addition, we are a platform for educational work. Through the program contributions, we want to provide young people with a solid knowledge base - whether they are climate professionals or newcomers. On this basis, they can work together to promote ambitious and socially just climate protection. The aim is always to work with scientific facts. The Paris Climate Agreement, including the temperature target of »well below 2°C, if possible 1.5°C,« serves as a guideline. We consider limiting global warming to 1.5°C to be extremely desirable.

All kinds of inhuman attitudes, the disregard of democratic values as well as physical and psychological injuries, especially all forms of racism and discrimination, are unacceptable to us.


LCOYs (Local Conference of Youth) are taking place on every continent - and the number is growing. Last time, young people were able to attend an LCOY in Pakistan, Malaysia, South Korea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Georgia, South Africa, Spain, Honduras, Chile and Bahamas, among others. Here you can find the conferences of the last years all over the world.